Posted on 23 Jan 2023

Data Flow Modeling In Verilog

Data Flow Modeling is the 3rd level of abstraction in Verilog.

Keywords Required

  • assign
  • wire

In above keywords assign is known as continious assignment keyword. and using wire keyword we can declare internal connections.

Describe a hardware using these keyowrds

Let us describe a 4X1 MUX using data flow modeling. Write the boolean expression and make a logic circuit diagram.

Boolean Expression

$$Y = \bar S_1 \bar S_0 I_0 + \bar S_1 S_0 I_1 + S_1 \bar S_0 I_2 + S_1 S_0 I3$$

Circuit Diagram

4X1 MUX using 2X1 MUX circuit diagram

For little deeper understanding

Let's make 4X1 MUX using 2X1 MUX

First, create a module and define input output ports. Declare internal connection using wire keyword.

By usign assign statement write the boolean expression in a single line. Thats it 😀

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