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Posted on 27 August 2022

How to program Nexys4 DDR FPGA Board

In this tutorial, we'll describe a hardware (Half adder) in Verilog HDL and we'll make half adder in FPGA by programing the FPGA board. For this Tutorial we are using Nexys4 DDR FPGA board and Xilinx Vivado.

1. Describe a Hardware

Create a project in Xilinx Vivado and descibe a hardware. For example, we are using a Half Adder which is described in Verilog HDL.

2. Create a Constraints file

For creating a Constraints file, Click on File → Add Sources → Create or Add Constraints file

Create a Constraints file in Vivado

Add following lines to the Constraints file

3. Synthesis and Implementation

In FLow Navigator, Click on SYNTHESIS → Run Synthesis. After the completion of Systehesis click on IMPLEMENTATION → Run Implementation.

Implemented Design in Vivado 2022

5. Generate Bitstream File

Click on PROGRAM NAD DEBUG → Generate Bitstream

5. Program FPGA Device

Click on PROGRAM NAD DEBUG → Open Hardware Manager → Open Target → Program

Create a Constraints file in Vivado

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