Posted on 27 Feb 2023

Initial block in Verilog

initial block is much similar to always block but initial block only executes once in entire program and it is non synthesizable Veilog.

Few rules for initial block

1. If there is multi-line statement in initial block, use begin and end statement and wire code inside begin and end

2. assigning inside initial block must be reg type

initial begin end

Initial block is used to initialise the value of register, or flip-flop in testbench. You can initialise clock register so that you can generate clock. you can generate testcases for test module inside initial block

Initial block examples

Initialse clock register

module testb;
reg clk;

initial begin 
clk = 0;        //initialise clock to 0

always #10 clk = ~ clk; //generates clock


Generate testcases

module testb;
reg a,b;
wire y;

andgate uut(a,b,y);

initial begin 
a = 0; b = 0;        //test cases
a = 0; b = 1;
a = 1; b = 0;
a = 1; b = 1;

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